Welcome to my site. Here you will find examples of my video editing, audio post-production and original compositions. This site only hosts a handful of my work examples, other videos can be viewed at my Vimeo page. Click through the filters above to organize the site by category.
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Save the Date Video

So I’ve decided to go from behind the camera to in front of the camera for a Save the date video for my fiancee and I.

Pop Up Chapel with The Knot

Shot for The Knot, I filmed, edited and created the graphics to depict 24 couples getting married in New York’s Central Park.

QARC/ARMA Contest Promo

This video was to promote the 2011 QARC roofing contest, and to show off previous entrants in last years contest.

Freelancers Union 15th Anniversary Documentary

Concept, Edited, Directed and Produced by Oren Weichselbaum.

This documentary was created for the 15th anniversary of Freelancers Union and includes interviews with distinguished members of the government and interviewees.

Untitled Horror Track

Original Music by Oren Weichselbaum.

What is Freelancers Insurance All About

Storyboard, Concept and Produced by Oren Weichselbaum.

This is a cartoon to easily describe why Freelancers Union insurance is so different compared to other types of insurance.


Original Music by Oren Weichselbaum

Freelancers Union Reel 2009-2010

Recorded, Edited and Original Music by Oren Weichselbaum.

A reel of some of my work that I did for the Freelancers Union during 2009-2010. Most of these videos can be viewed in full on http://www.orenweichselbaum.com or my Vimeo page.


Original Music by Oren Weichselbaum.

Holiday Party 2009

Recorded and edited by Oren Weichselbaum.

This is an example of an event that I recorded and edited for the Freelancers Union Member Holiday Party 2009.

Flowing Waters

Original music by Oren Weichselbaum.

Apostles of Park Slope (2010)

Original music by Oren Weichselbaum.

WET Productions’ 2010 Love Benefit

Audio Mixed by Oren Weichselbaum.

WET Productions is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and creating gender-equality in the entertainment industry. This is a recap video for their 2010 LOVE Benefit which raised money for their programming and featured performances by celebrity talent from shows like Entourage, Heroes, Dexter, 30 Rock and more! Learn more about WET at: http://www.wetproductions.org.

Freelancers Union Insurance Eligibility Video

Concept, Recorded, Edited by Oren Weichselbaum.

This video was shot using a Panasonic HVX-200, and green screened to get the safari look.

I was asked to come up with an idea on how we can easily relate the state of insurance for freelancers to the population. The idea of individual insurance and everyone on their own as a freelancer led me to thinking about the safari concept and living in the wild. This video is about how one can be eligible for Freelancers insurance.

National Pasta Month: Pasta Prep

Edited, Graphics, Music by Oren Weichselbaum.

This video was edited for the National Pasta Association for National Pasta Month. It features Chef Cesare Casella and is part of a 6 part series that can be viewed on my Vimeo page

iPhone Bar-Code Animation

Concept, Animation, Editing and Music by Oren Weichselbaum.

This video was created to introduce how to use the bar-codes located on the spring 2010 advertisements of the Freelancers Union.